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Majątek Howieny

A.D. 2007

Majątek Howieny is magical and quiet place situated in Pomigacze, a 10 minute drive from the city Bialystok. Upon your arrival you will be fascinated with the picturesque view of a typical polish village. Here you can spend a wonderful time with your family and friends. While taking a walk around you will be surprised when you meet our friendly animals such as: monkeys, kangaroos, horses, donkeys, llamas, porcupines, parrots, camel and more. Majątek Howieny is a complex with a historical soul. On 7 hectares of our field you can explore many wooden building which were transferred from all around Poland. Every building and thing has it’s own history, for exaple windmill, old agricultural machinery, vintage vehicles (etc.) – the sightseeing is not boring, trust us!

One of our greatest strengths is our regional cuisine, which is constantly enriched by new ideas. We prove that the traditional cuisine does not have to be boring, and our kitchen is synonymous with freshness. We focus on organic products, and there is no room for chemistry on our plate! You can try different variants of dumplings, local potato cake and many, many more!

It is a pleasure to have you among our guests! We specialize in organizing events like weddings, family parties, company fests, business meetings, school excursions and many more. We can also accomodate up to 60 people in our “Idyll” Guesthouse which is opened 7 day a week as well. We offer you: Larch Mansion – up to 200 people Hunter’s House – up to 100 people Bird’s House– up to 35 people Tailor’s House – up to 15 people Brick Cellar (summertime) – up to 45 people Banqueter By The Stable – up to 300 people Banqueter By The Orchard – up to 85 people Banqueter By The Windmill – up to 70 people Banqueter By The Pond – up to 30 people Guesthouse “Idyll”- rooms for 2-5 peopl. We are builidng the biggest wedding barn in Poland. More information here.

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